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As an overseas investor considering opportunities in Sardinia or Italy, you face a unique set of challenges, requiring ad hoc guidance. 


For this reason, we craft our assistance around your specific profile and objectives so you can best navigate the local landscape. 

Adhering to a "buyer first" approach, we don’t promote a predetermined portfolio of properties but seek out to meet your requirements on the wider market instead.

Discover our Real Estate branch, led by Maria Bonaria Cella, Realtor in Residence with 40+ years of experience assisting buyers, sellers and renters in Sardinia and Italy.


City Flair

Stay in or around a major city and enjoy local urban life



Tailored Advisory

Match your specific requirements in the local market, meticulously vetting, and pursuing the most promising opportunities.

Technical Review

Rely on our thorough scrutiny of all the different aspects involved in making a sound investment decision. 


Find, evaluate, negotiate, secure, renovate and manage your property through a single trusted provider. 

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