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1h consultation (€90 + tax)


How to move and
where​ to move

Accessing Tax programs For:

Expat workers,

Retirees / elective residency,

High net worth individuals

Applying For

Italian citizenship by descent jure sanguinis,
Digital Nomad Visas


15-minute intro call (free)

Real Estate Advisory


Property finding

Investment assessment

Unit auditing 

Legal support

Mortgage and financing

  • Is Sardiamo for me?
    Sardiamo helps internationals navigate the complexity standing between them and their dreams—whether these involve permanent relocation, real estate investment, or doing business in Sardinia or Italy. Whether you’re a remote worker, a retiree, an overseas investor, or a company, Sardiamo can assist with everything you need to execute your plan at a local level.
  • What can I expect working with Sardiamo?
    Sardiamo is the first integrated real estate and relocation services company in Sardinia designed primarily for international expats and operating across Italy. Our values guide us in everything we do. Glocal. We combine in-depth local knowledge with our extensive expats experience. Tailored. We develop our boutique approach around your specific needs and desires. Committed. We deliver excellence in fairness and complete transparency. Reach out to schedule a call and get a formal quote!
  • What are your most popular services?
    We maintain a bespoke approach to adapt to your needs and requirements. That said, we supported our clients with: Buying or managing properties; Finding accommodation; Filing paperwork; Understanding tax and legal obligations; Dealing with government offices and officials; Sourcing local providers and consultants; Navigating visa/immigration options; Opening corporate offices.
  • Can you help me buy a home?
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