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The island of Sardinia, Italy, has become a prime destination for expats globally due to its pristine beaches, Mediterranean lifestyle and exceptional tax incentives.

As your local partner, Sardiamo helps you stay longer, experience deeper and feel at home. 

Whether you’re looking to move here or spend just a few months working remotely, we got you covered.

Our one-stop service simplifies relocation, tax benefits, real estate investments, immigration and any other endeavor requiring local support. 



Relocation Concierge

Expat advisory for housing, taxation and immigration/visa

Corporate Housing

Company outings service for retreats, workshops and remote working

Luxury Edition

Premium services for the members of the Consorzio Costa Smeralda® 




Many people across the world share the same dream of living on a beautiful island with clear turquoise water.


At the heart of Europe, Sardinia is this and much more.


Breathtaking landscapes, delicious cuisine and an ancient culture are combined with widespread connectivity, low crime rate and a blooming expat community.



We’re a family of three. Maria, our mother, is a realtor who spent the last 30 years renting and selling properties on the island of Sardinia, Italy. 


We, Claudia and Michele, her kids, are two professional expats with a long track record of living abroad for most of our lives. We have extensive experience in building startups, corporate law and digital business.

Having gone through the process of relocating (to Chile, France, Germany, UK and US) both as a family and as individuals, we are very much aware of the challenges and opportunities expats are faced with. 

To leverage the significant tax exemptions available to expats by Italian tax law, we partner with experienced certified accountants who ensure our clients maximize their financial benefits.

At Sardiamo, we offer boutique and tailored services for relocation in Sardinia, allowing you to save money on taxes, find your home on the island and everything in between.


Sardiamo helped me to relocate from London to Sardinia.


The service we received was so professional and helpful, from finding a place to live, supporting our residency application and even the small things, like the best mobile and gas providers! They were on hard to help with everything. I can't recommend Sardiamo enough!

Josie, Tailor, UK

  • Is Sardiamo for me?
    Sardiamo is for anyone looking to remove the friction in the relocation process. Whether you are a digital nomad, an expat or an international company, Sardiamo can help with everything your move to Sardinia requires, ensuring a pleasant moving abroad experience.
  • What can I expect working with Sardiamo?
    Sardiamo is the first relocation services company in Sardinia designed primarily for international expats. Our values guide us in everything we do. Glocal. We combine in-depth local knowledge with our extensive expats experience. Tailored. We develop our boutique approach around your specific needs and desires. Committed. We deliver excellence in fairness and complete transparency. Reach out to schedule a call and get a formal quote!
  • What are your most popular services?
    We maintain a bespoke approach to adapt to your needs and requirements. That said, we’ve consistently found people request our help with: Assessing individual/family relocation plans under personal, legal, financial and fiscal variables; Navigating immigration laws and visa options; Finding a first accommodation to register for residency; Buying property; Preparing and legalizing paperwork; Filing for residency and public health insurance; Setting up taxpayer status to maximize tax benefits; Sourcing local professionals and services; Finding corporate housing for companies organizing retreats, outings, executive workshops, employee workations or travel rewards.
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