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Navigating Real Estate in Italy: Your Dream Property Awaits

Dreaming of making Italy your home sweet home? You're not alone! In 2022, a staggering 70% of investments in Italian real estate hailed from overseas, a trend that's likely to continue for years to come, as reported by "Il Sole 24 Ore," Italy's primary financial publication.

Despite this influx of investments, a significant portion is led by big institutional players, leaving an untapped opportunity for individuals to seize a piece of the Italian dream. So what does it take to buy property in Italy?

The Landscape of Real Estate in Italy: More Than Iconic Zip Codes

The country is universally renowned for its iconic locations, and that's not a secret. However, aside from the better known locales there's also a number of hidden gems with promising returns. Think of it as a "buyer's market" for cash deals exceeding €500k.

So, why aren't more individuals diving into Italian real estate? The answer lies in the complexity of the process! Much like the charming intricacies of Italian life, the property market poses many challenges. These include obscure online offerings, inaccessible price-comparison data, a burdensome risk assessment processes, language barriers, and a labyrinthine ownership-transfer system.

Breaking Down Barriers with Sardiamo: Your Trusted Partner

Enter Sardiamo, your real estate and relocation ally. We've facilitated countless international property investments in Sardinia and across Italy. Unlike facing the market alone, our clients benefit from a streamlined process that supports them from home search to closing, and beyond—all from a single, trusted partner fluent in English.

Areas of Expertise: Making Your Dream Investment a Reality

Our comprehensive assistance covers all crucial aspects, including:

  • Appraisal and market assessment

  • Structural and regulatory audits

  • Legal paperwork handling

  • Sales negotiations

  • Cross-border purchase process setup

  • Guidance through title and deed notarization

  • Sourcing building contractors

  • Property management

  • Tax support

We're committed to simplifying the property-buying journey, ensuring a smoother, more informed investment. If you're ready to turn your Italian property dream into reality, shoot us an email at

Let Sardiamo be your bridge to an exciting new chapter in the heart of Italy!

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