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Your team in Sardinia?
Starts here!



In the ensuing race for talent, employers are continuously in the bind with providing new and unmatched opportunities to develop the company culture.


Sardiamo offers exclusive access to properties for company outings, corporate retreats, team-building events, executives workshops and workations.

Today, you can rent a property in Sardinia and treat your team to good weather, beautiful surroundings and rich experiences year-round. 

An investment with direct returns on your employer branding, employee loyalty and, ultimately, productivity. 


City Flair

Stay in or around a major city and enjoy local urban life



Exclusive Properties

Enjoy an exclusive network of property owners around the island that can be reserved to suit your company’s needs. 

Tailored Stay

Once your team’s accommodation is arranged, we connect you with other services you may need in the area to make the most of your stay.

Live, Work, Enjoy

Unlock the potential of remote work with Sardiamo and elevate your company's journey to new horizons.

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